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How to Choose a Massage Gun

Massage guns have become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly in the health and fitness industry.

But it isn’t just athletes and fitness enthusiasts that are using these percussing and vibrating devices as a recovery tool; average Joes and those with medical issues are using them, too, as they offer a variety of benefits.

The benefits of using a massage gun include improved blood flow, muscle soreness and stiffness relief and muscle activation and recovery.

Massages also increase the range of motion of the muscles and joints.

Because modern massage guns tend to be compact, lightweight and easy to use, users enjoy the added benefit of convenience.

There are many good reasons to invest in a massage gun, no doubt about it, but some products are better than others.

Here’s how you go about choosing a top-notch massager that will give you bang for your buck.

How to Choose a Massage Gun That Delivers Excellent Results

Step 1: Check Power and Speed of the Massaging Gun Power and speed — that is, the amplitude (depth) at which the massage gun head penetrates and how fast the head oscillates or vibrates — are important factors.

This is because they determine massage comfort level.Some people enjoy a light and gentle massage, whereas others require a little more pressure.

For this reason, you will want to make sure your massaging gun offers 2 to 5 variable speeds, with a speed range between 2000 and 3200 rpm/ppm.

If you prefer a punchy, deep tissue massage, then opt for a percussion massage gun with at least a 13mm amplitude.

Step 2: Consider Secondary Factors Is the massage gun noisy? How heavy is it? How practical is the design of the product? Does it come with different attachment heads for different applications or any other extras? These are factors well worth considering when selecting a massage gun.

Other things you will want to look at are the battery life if it’s a wireless handheld device (60+ minutes minimises charging frequency) and if the massager is covered by a guarantee or warranty.

Step 3: Purchase From a Reputable Dealer When you buy a massage gun from a trusted seller, you don’t need to worry about receiving an inferior-quality product that could potentially be unsafe. Moreover, you won’t have to struggle should there be a warranty or guarantee claim.

Interested in purchasing a massage gun? OMR has a selection of high-quality massagers to boost recovery and improve physical performance.

We offer a 14-day guarantee on all our products and deliver Australia-wide.

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